Unlock Your Business Potential with Maximizer DataLenz for Spire.

Connect Your World-Class ERP and CRM Systems for Enhanced Visibility and Efficiency

Why Choose  Maximizer DataLenz for Spire?

In today’s fast-paced business environment, having the right information at your fingertips is critical. DataLenz is designed to simplify this process, bringing together your world-class ERP, Spire, and your world-class CRM, Maximizer. Our tool provides a read-only view of your Spire data directly in the Maximizer user interface, giving your team enhanced visibility and control without data redundancy.

Enhanced Visibility

Get a real-time, unified view of Spire data directly in your Maximizer. Make informed decisions faster and with more accuracy.

Improved Efficiency

With DataLenz, your team no longer needs to switch between systems for data. This reduces errors and allows your team to focus on more strategic tasks.

Streamlined Business Processes

Access key data from Spire directly from Maximizer CRM. This enhances business processes, enabling quicker responses and boosting sales productivity.

Exceptional Customer Experience

Provide superior customer service with up-to-date, accurate ERP data available directly in your CRM. Respond to inquiries and issues more effectively and efficiently.

Increased Sales

Equip your sales team with real-time inventory and customer data from Spire directly within Maximizer. Identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities, manage orders efficiently, and close deals faster.

How Does Maximizer DataLenz for Spire Work?

DataLenz acts as a powerful conduit between Spire and Maximizer. It funnels data from Spire into a read-only display within the Maximizer interface. This ensures your team always has access to the most current, accurate information from Spire while working in Maximizer without worrying about data being altered.

Innovative Features of Maximizer DataLenz for Spire

Our DataLenz integration between Spire ERP and Maximizer CRM delivers valuable features that are designed to enhance the user experience and improve operational efficiency:

Spire Order List

Navigate your Maximizer list of entries to automatically display the orders for the selected customer. 

Spire Customer List

Display a list of all the customers in Spire. Clicking on a company or individual in Maximizer will display the linked entry.

Search Function

The user-friendly search interface enables easy and quick search through the Spire customer list.

Spire Invoice List

Select companies or individuals in the Maximizer list to automatically show invoices for that linked customer. Display invoice items, total payment made to date, and outstanding balance.

Linking Spire Customers

Link Spire customers to Maximizer companies or individuals for a more streamlined view.

Ready to Maximize Your Data Utilization?

Join the businesses already benefiting from the power of integrated data. Start your journey with DataLenz today, and experience the full potential of your Spire ERP and Maximizer CRM systems.


Unlocking the full potential of your Spire and Maximizer systems has never been more straightforward or cost-effective. With DataLenz, we offer a pricing structure that ensures you get the most out of your investment.

Maximizer DataLenz for Spire Subscription: Our service is available at just $20 per user per month. (3 license minimum prepaid annually) This subscription gives your team continuous access to Spire ERP data within the Maximizer CRM interface, including setup, updates and training.

With DataLenz, investing in the future of your business is affordable and valuable. Experience the difference of having crucial Spire data at your fingertips within Maximizer.

Maximizer DataLenz for Spire System Requirements

Maximizer: Cloud Edition or 2020 R1 (on premise) is required for seamless integration with Maximizer DataLenz for Spire.

Spire Version: Your system needs to run Spire version 3.9 or greater for optimal performance.

VPN: A VPN is required to access Spire data outside of your local area network.

Internet Browsers: Maximizer DataLenz for Spire is compatible with Google Chrome for Windows and Microsoft Edge, ensuring easy access and functionality.

Spire User License: A valid Spire user license for DataLenz is necessary to enable the integration.

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