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About Cencomp

Tailored software, training,
and support

Cencomp helps you customize and implement the tools you need to build the business you want.


Time-tested solutions built to do exactly what you and your team need them to do.

Business Management Software | Cencomp - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Personalized training helps your entire team adopt their new tools to be more efficient and productive.

Local Support

Flexible support options mean your dedicated specialist is there whenever something comes up.

What we value


From the software we implement to the way we support our clients, our approach is built around efficiency. Today’s software and systems have a tendency to become complex — too many tools, features, and steps that eventually slow your business down more than they help. That’s why we work closely with your team to tailor and implement software solutions that actually help you run a better business.

Business Management Software | Cencomp - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Business Management Software | Cencomp - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Simply put, we’re not interested in selling you software or services that don’t move your business forward. You deserve a technology partner who is willing to say “You don’t really need that” when it’s the right thing to do. Our primary focus is always to serve you and your business.


With backgrounds in business and accounting, our consultants understand the challenges that owners face. Not only do we speak the same language, but we know how to find the right solutions for the problems or challenges holding your business back. It’s safe to say that we have been in your shoes before.
Business Management Software | Cencomp - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Business Management Software | Cencomp - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Curtis Barranoik

President and Managing Consultant

As a product of an entrepreneurial family, Curtis’s background and experience in business go back decades. After serving as the Controller of his family’s business starting in 1988, Curtis started Cencomp in 1995. Since then he and his team have expanded to serve hundreds of businesses all across North America, using their deep understanding of business operations to deliver exceptional value for clients through time-tested solutions and friendly support.

When he is not working and serving clients, Curtis finds time to stay active, vacation with his family and friends, and participate in Ultimate Frisbee and Triathlon events.

Frank Case


Frank’s almost two-decade experience spans accounting systems support in various industries from hospitality to sports entertainment.

His familiarity with the frontline coupled with his IT expertise allows him to excel in providing high-level backend support, resolving client issues, leading full-cycle implementations, offering first-class customer service, and flourishing in analytical environments.

Frank’s fluency in numerous operating, Property Management, and Point of Sale systems allow him to move easily between technical and customer-speak in a confident, approachable manner. From an individual tech support phone call to delivering formal boardroom training, Frank excels at helping users understand how to maximize the value of their technology. From a frontline user to a backend supporter, he can talk the talk and walk the walk because he’s been there.

Don’t let his love of numbers and technology fool you, Frank is an avid road cyclist, ice climber, backcountry camper, and home brewing fanatic.

Business Management Software | Cencomp - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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