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Sage BusinessVision
Accounting Software

Designed to be a scalable solution for small and medium-sized organizations

Sage BusinessVision

You’re looking for flexibility and power in an accounting software package; one that will grow with your company. You want a package that’s web enabled, so you can consider going that direction in the future. You also want this software to be affordable, of course.

What you want is Sage BusinessVision Accounting. Sage BusinessVision is all these things and more. With so many features included in the core package, whether you want to tailor the software to one individual user or an entire business, Sage BusinessVision can adapt to fit your needs.

Sage BusinessVision is also tailored to your business type, because we realize that every business is different. Our development partners have created a host of industry specific add-ons, meaning that Sage BusinessVision will work for your specific type of business and have the features your business needs.

Sage BusinessVision includes a variety of modules

Manufacturing Module

Accurately estimate and track projects with the Manufacturing Module. Fully integrated with Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, order entry, and payroll, the Manufacturing Module lets you keep a handle on your project based business through the Job Cost and Bill of Material components.

Core Accounting

The heart of Sage BusinessVision is the Core Accounting software module, which includes Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and the General Ledger. The Core Accounting module is your window to real time data about your business, whenever you want it, able to generate reports and financial statements as you need them, with no need to wait until month end.

Inventory Module

How much do you have on hand, and how much have you used? Let the Inventory Module keep track of that, and much more. The Inventory control module can handle multiple warehouses and an unlimited number of serial numbers and SKUs, meaning it will keep up with your business growth.

Point of Sale Module:

Is your business a retail operation? Sage BusinessVision Accounting and the Point of Sale module can help. Let sales clerks leverage the full power of Sage BusinessVision without having to use other modules, keeping your retail business running securely and smoothly.

Payroll Module

Flexibility defined - the Payroll Module is just as comfortable with salaried employees as it is with hourly workers, and you can mix both if your business needs to – and paying them is a snap, whether through paper cheques or direct deposit.