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Maximizer: User Defined Fields and Custom Views

Maximizer is a top performing CRM enterprise class solution for businesses wanting to keep up with their customer base in real time. We at Cencomp wanted to focus on some of the features that make Maximizer a great CRM solution. This month, we’re talking about Maximizer’s use of User Defined Fields and Custom Views. These features don’t come with a lot of popular CRMs out there and we’re not quite sure why because these features are very helpful.

Maximizer has mastered the art of data in/data out with their one two punch combining their user defined fields and their custom views. Starting with the user defined fields, Maximizer has given it’s users a flexible and fully customizable way to communicate with their customers through industry specific terminology. As an end user, it’s a significant advantage to login to your CRM and not have to relearn industry jargon created by developers who do not know your business language. Maximizer’s user defined fields solve this problem by enabling it’s own users to modify the back-end of the CRM to customize the user experience which ends up being tailor made to the customer.

As far as the custom views go, here is our own Maximizer guru, Cencomp partner, Frank Case:

What really sets Maximizer’s CRM apart from other CRMs on the current market is how it deals with data in, and data out. Everyone digests data in a different way, so when everyone is forced to look at the same data, the same way, some walk away hungry, while others are overwhelmed by the amount of food at the table. It can be frustrating. So with Maximizer’s CRM, you can customize your view, you see the data points you want, and that’s it. And the custom views are shareable, so if you’re co-worker has a great set up going, they can share it with you and then you can fine tune it to your own needs afterwards. Bottom line, the combination of user defined fields and custom views makes your workflow more efficient.

What’s better than a CRM that helps you stay on top of your customers in real time? One that is completely customizable in it’s look and feel, providing a flexible environment and allowing you to work smarter and more efficiently.

For more on Maximizer’s user defined fields and custom views, check out this video from Maximizer.


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