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The Spire Fit

Spire is an accounting and business management software geared towards wholesale distribution, light manufacturing, and service-based businesses. Built on contemporary technology with a full suite of integrated modules, Spire allows for an affordable and user-friendly solution.  It offers a more agile solution that give its users the flexibility and scalability to grow and out-perform the competition.

Having a history in developing third-party applications, the folks at Spire created their solution to be a natural upgrade from the antiquated Sage BusinessVision. Aside from being an upgrade to a more modern solution, Spire is proven to be an excellent alternative to those outgrowing their entry-level software. Businesses that have plateaued with QuickBooks or Sage 50 need more robust inventory capabilities and deeper reporting functionality. Workflow and business continuity becomes an existential need for the growing business that these entry-level programs cannot provide.

Often businesses who find themselves in growth mode hit a roadblock because of the limitations in their QuickBooks software. However, justifying the expense that comes with a larger ERP can be a challenge. Spire holds a very reasonable resale price, and clients see a quick ROI from their investment.  It enables users to focus on the things that matter rather than being stuck with repetitive, mundane tasks. Spire provides more functionality, less repetitive tasks, and more fluid capabilities.

We believe Spire is an excellent choice for those businesses that are spending too much on a solution. Overpaying for unneeded modules or functionalities inhibits growth by swallowing budget on license and renewal fees that could otherwise be spent on growth strategies. We often see manufacturing companies coming to Spire when solutions like Deltek or Epicor have been overkill for the organization. Spire’s Production Module gives manufacturing companies full floor production capabilities tied into the back-end accounting; without the annual heavy price tag that industry-specific solutions often have.

Most businesses today are looking to take their on-premise solution into the cloud or a private hosting service. Products like Sage Intaact remain cloud-based and subscription-based only, not giving much flexibility to how you can purchase the product. Products like Sage 300 remain on-premise only leaving you to acquire a privately hosted solution outside of Sage world. Spire allows users to purchase the way that suits them best. Offering web-based modules for your team on the go, private hosting solutions, or classic on-premise.

Developed in 2014 by a company located in Langley, British Columbia, Spire has many end-users and partners in both Canada and the United States. This software allows for specific needs of American companies to benefit from its functionality. Unlike other Canadian developed products, like Adagio or Connected, Spire fully integrates with Avalara. Spire also comes in 3 languages; English, French, and Spanish so users have the comfort of working in their preferred language.

When you explore Spire you’ll find that its position in the accounting software market is unique. Because no other product currently provides an extensive feature set, a reasonable price point, and a channel of experts who are happy partners. With its contemporary functionalities and robust capabilities, Spire meets the needs of small and medium-sized businesses with modern technology. Accounting and business management solutions are a dime a dozen. You’ll find it a challenge to discover a software development company that delivers what it promises, like Spire.

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