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The Future of CRM

We’re excited to share what’s in store for CRM technology, and how it can positively impact your small to medium-size business. Local Alberta businesses shouldn’t settle with inflexible, manually-exhaustive CRM systems – the future is bright, if you use the right CRM system.

Flexible Deployment Options

The cloud is officially here. You’ll have the option of either a cloud or on premise subscription. The difference? The cloud is accessible from anywhere.

Why this matters: slide2

We’ve already raved about  how critical a mobile CRM system can be for sales opportunities – especially when you’re under the crunch of an ending sales quarter. The cloud ensures instant access to your most important documents, anytime, anywhere.

Further Elimination of Manual Tasks

As technology improves, manual tasks continue to get eliminated. 2017 CRM systems should automatically update client last contact date, auto-generate calculations, and offer simplified report setup.

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The more time you save by automating workflow, the more energy you have for other parts of your business. It’s almost like having an additional employee.

Better Integration, Better Functionality

API infrastructure is becoming more flexible. 2017 CRM systems should have the capacity to connect with thousands of applications that provide detailed customer insight.

Why this matters: api-i

Providing flexibility allows companies to create streamlined workflows in their business systems that translates into higher user adoption and a better customer experience.


Compare new enhancements to last year’s Maximizer CRM.

If you’re not familiar with Cencomp Systems Solutions yet, we’re in the business of helping small to mid-size Alberta businesses run more efficiently, effectively, and economically.   We’re the only Certified Solution Provider for Maximizer Software in Alberta.


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