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The New Maximizer Wealth Manager 2017

Maximizer Wealth Manager 2017 Cencomp Edmonton

One of the many benefits of being a Certified Solution Provider of Maximizer CRM is that we get to watch it evolve to better suit our customers needs. We’ve always been a fan of their Wealth Manager CRM which is geared more towards our clients who work in the Financial Services Industry. So, we got pretty excited when we heard about the changes in Maximizer CRM Wealth Manager 2017.

With so many great upgrades to talk about, it was tough to narrow it down but we had our own Frank Case break down three new features released in Wealth Manager 2017.

Beyond a brand-new interface which gives the Wealth Manager a more user friendly experience than its predecessor – there are a few key areas I want to hone in on.

First, the Accounts view. The older Wealth Manager only allowed one workflow in the Accounts module, the new version gives you the ability to create multiple workflows for different Account types, each with its own process. This allows the user to view a pipeline that more accurately represents their business processes.

Secondly, you’re able to track the date you last contacted your client more efficiently. Wealth Manager 2017 tracks your activity and counts the days since you last contacted your client. It even has dashboards that lets you quickly view the clients who should be contacted based on your needs.

Thirdly, the elapsed time calculation feature gives you a look at age based on the current day.  You can use this to quickly see how old your clients are, or how long it has been since a specific date.  Use this feature to make decisions based on the age of opportunities as you near the end of a stage you’ve set as a goal for your clients.

Given that your business is based on opportunity, Maximizer’s Wealth Manager 2017 lets you take advantage of every opportunity and even acts as a catalyst for you to discover new opportunities along the way. Interested in using the new Maximizer Wealth Manager 2017 to help better organize your business? Contact Frank today to set up a consultation.

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